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Maybe you're here because you need a new recipe, plant tips, or help planning the perfect dinner party. Either way I hope as you browse my site you feel at ease and inspired. One of the greatest things to happen in the insanity that is the year 2020 is that we all had to reconnect with our homes. I've worked in the food industry since I was a teenager and these experiences combined with my innate love and passion for entertaining have led me here! BeetsnThyme started as a food popup in New Orleans, LA in the spring of 2018 and has blossomed into a project where I can share my skills from gardening to cooking, from event planning to making the most of your home with good food and good vibes.

NewOrleans Mina
NewOrleans Mina

The Garden

Using local food has always been important to me. Growing up in Pennsylvania it was just the norm for my family to shop at farmer's markets, befriend farmers and growers, and to use ingredients seasonally. As a chef dedicated to mindful, joyful cooking, a love of food naturally translates to a love of growing. With my years of growing, studying, and consuming food grown locally and sustainably, I've gained plant knowledge that I can't wait to share with you!

Garden Offerings

- One-to-one Plant/Garden Consultations

- Video Access to Plant Tips & Tricks

- Gardening Mini Camps Kids & Grown-ups

Let's Grow Together

The Kitchen

From pop-ups to professional kitchens, my journey as a chef has taken me down many paths and filled my cup with love and learning about how we eat and how to make the most of it. Through one-to-one consultations, mini cooking camps the whole family can enjoy, and easy to use offerings like my cookbook, I hope to share my wisdom and spark a little excitement in the chef in all of us!

Kitchen Offerings

- Virtual Cooking Classes

- Cooking Mini-camps for Kids & Grown-ups

- Menu Planning & Catering

- Mina’s Recipe Book

- Freshly Made Pasta

Let's Cook Together
NewOrleans Mina
NewOrleans Mina

The Studio

Making art and crafting things goes hand in hand with the thoughtful, playful way I approach food and the home. Whether creating a creative menu or painting a pot to hold your newest plant baby, adding little art to your home or day pairs perfectly with the joys of gardening and cooking!

Studio Offerings

- Virtual Art Classes

- Art Mini-camps for Kids & Grown-ups

Let's Create Together